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El Monarca takes care of each detail related with the final product, both nationally and internationally. The quality of our products it’s based on Food Safety, attending likewise to the Spanish and European legislations besides the relevant standards for the manufacture of our products. Because of this, our products are subjected at strict quality controls, from the planting to the commercialization, always rejecting the nonconforming product. Thereby we guarantee to our customers the traceability of the production process, controlling each batch in any moment. We fulfill the most stringent quality standards requirements to the storage, handling, preparation and commercialization with the objective to offer the best product to our customers. The certifications we have are the following:

certificaciones - BRC

BRC Food

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certifies the fulfillment of the legal obligations of Food Safety. Also to guarantee the maximum level of protection to the consumers.

global gap certificate logo

Global GAP

It’s an International Certificate of the Good Agricultural Practices. The aim of these practices is get safe food and environment-friendly agriculture. Global GAP includes other Certificates like Global GRASP, which looks for health, wellness and safety of the workers.

grasp certificate logo


It’s a Global GAP Certificate which has the aim of guarantee the workers can do their tasks in the best working environment. It certifies workers conditions of safety, wellness and health.

ifs food certificate logo

IFS Food

It’s a standard which certifies food safety and products quality during the packing process and when there is a danger of contamination of the packed product. It’s recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).

Albert Heijn Certificación

Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn certificate which verifies there is a protocol established, added to GLOBALG.A.P, to monitor the levels of residues at source.

organic certificate logo

Organic Farming

It’s a way of farming without toxic chemical products (pesticides, herbicides, etc.) and without genetically modified seeds (GMO). This kind of agriculture is nature-friendly. The food obtained by this way of farming is very healthy and it has all its flavor, vitality and nutritional properties.

Frutas y Verduras El Monarca has the Certificate of Organic Farming.