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Our History

Our history - Melon in the beach

Our history begins in 1985, in Campo de Cartagena, specifically in the area of Pozo Estrecho, Miranda, Lobosillo and El Albujón. Our experience was built up by working in several warehouses, harvesting and packing melons from the fields previously mentioned, where there was plenty of production of this item: toad skin melon. My great grandfather was the one who taught me part of what I know about today’s agriculture, as he had a cottage where my father used to take me every weekend and where I spent very good moments with my family; but was Mr. Antonio Alcázar the one who really inculcated me the value of toad skin melon.

In 2002 the idea of beginning an adventure, reflecting all the experience I got year after year by working hard and effort, El Monarca was born. Located in Fuente Álamo (Murcia), El Monarca is a company which has the aim of providing a good service to its clients with food quality and safety, reason why all of our products are subjected to strict field tests giving priority to the following values:


NR: No Residues

NP: No Pesticides

NF: No Fungicides

UB: Use of Bees


By this way, we work with the objective of offering the best quality in our products from the production to the sale, and that’s why we use the most innovative techniques and the new technologies to make a product which has all the necessary things to make our clients give us their confidence.

José Atanasio

Brote melón