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Piel de Sapo Melon

Piel de Sapo Melon is the main kind of melon grown in Campo de Cartagena and Castilla La Mancha. The fruit shape ranges from spherical to elipsoidal, with regular fruits and weight between 1.3 and 4 kg.

It contains a very high percentage of water (90%), a very low content of kcal (34 per 100 g) and  sodium (16 mg) and near 1g of fiber, what gives a sensation of satiety. It is also an excellent depurative and rehydrating fruit. It provides a lot of carbohydrates, like saccharose, but due to its low amount of energy it results ideal to lose weight. Some of its many virtues for our organism are its calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon is characterized for its smooth skin, neutral aroma and excellent flavour. The weight of this oval shaped variety of melon may vary from 1,3 to 2 kg. When melon is ripe, reaches 16º Brix. Rind turns bright yellow with a wavy look and its flesh changes into pale ivory.

This is one of the main fruits grown in Murcia during the summer season.


Watermelon is one of the most typical fruits of the summer. They are naturally refreshing thanks to their high amounts of water, giving hydration to those who enjoy their delightful taste.

In addition, watermelon has a lot of group B vitamins and it’s low-calorie. Because of this, is a very healthy aperitif.



Besides water, artichokes are mainly composed of carbohydrates, mainly inulin and fiber. Their most remarkable minerals are sodium, potasium, phosphorum and calcium; and their main vitamins are B1, B3 and also small amounts of C vitamin.

Blanca de Tudela Artichoke is one of the predominant varieties cultivated in Spain, and one of the most importants in Campo de Cartagena.