Piel de Sapo melon

Honeydew melon

Orange Candy melon

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Seedless watermelon

Blanca de Tudela Artichoke

Calico Artichoke

We cultivate
the tradition
of our land

We are a referent in exportation of piel de sapo melon. We also grow other fruits and vegetabes like honeydew melon, watermelon and artichoke.


The philosophy behind our company


Our products have international quality certificates. We have the objective of offering customers the best quality and taste in our products.


We have the aim of improving continuously, using the newest technologies and processes. We research to always offer the best quality products to our customers.


Our clients’ reliability is a priority to us. We know confidence is something gained day by day, and that’s why we never neglect this subject.


All the departments in El Monarca are formed by specialized professionals. By this way, we guarantee the best service to our customers.


We are not only implicated with products quality and customer service. We are implicated with social causes, with the environment and with health.


Our products meet all the food safety standards. In addition, we have certificates accrediting workplace safety.